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Yevgeny and I met through a mutual friend seven years ago. He made me laugh right away and it was pretty much love at first sight. He told his mother a week later that he was going to marry me and I was the one. Of course I thought he was crazy. However, five years after dating he proposed to me with a custom ring that him and I designed together. It drove me insane knowing he had the ring and not knowing when or where he was going to propose. He proposed to me July 10th, during his birthday dinner. I totally did not expect that. We decided to stay engaged for a few years before officially tying the knot. We took our time planning, and everything came out perfect. What made the wedding so personal was the fact that we put a lot of effort and time into planning and organizing such big wedding by our selves. It was amazing to walk in and see everything come together, and it was completely breathtaking. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful night.” – Evelina


Photography: Bradley Images / Venue: Sherwood Gardens / Catering: Martin’s Valley Mansion / Cake: Patisserie Poupon  / Flowers: Inspirational Floral Design / Design & Decor: Custom Ceremony Designs / Music: Alex Pinksiy Band


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Our favorite memories were getting ready and taking pictures at the house we rented in Damascus, MD which sleeps 20 people, and taking pictures in the field. We loved the way everyone was so accommodating and helpful and the reception was just darling to us. I love lights so I bought a bunch of lights and karen strung them across to make it feel like you were dancing under the stars. We met in high school and then didn’t talk for 5 years and then dated again later in life, so it was really special for us to walk people through our hometown of downtown Frederick, MD and then into the countryside to party. It was sort of like our journey of how we met. ” – Allison

Photography: Bradley Images / Venue: Linganore Winery / Event Planning: Celebrated Events / Florals: Candlelight Floral Designs

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What are some of your favorite memories from your wedding?

Some of our favorite memories include our Ketubah signing ceremony led by our Cantor which was very emotional and intimate as we were surrounded by our immediate family and wedding party; and the Best Man speech when Josh’s brother arranged for our dog Rocky to make a special appearance in his bow tie wedding attire.

What are some of the special details that made your wedding so personal?

Josh and I met thanks to two of my friends who happened to sit next to him on the plane to Florida. After striking up a conversation, Josh mentioned he was single and both decided that they should set us up. He called me when he got home and the rest is history. We wanted to incorporate Southwest in to our wedding because if it weren’t for that flight, we wouldn’t be where we are today and may not have ever met. We were able to get a large amount of Southwest peanuts and put them out on a fun display with a short poem and shout out to our friends.


Photography: Bradley Images / Venue: Hotel Monaco / Catering: B&O Brasserie at the Hotel Monaco / Cake: Charm City Cakes / Florals: JJ Cummings

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Our Story: Charlie and I met during my senior year of college, when I frequented a certain local college bar where he was bartending. After I graduated, he asked me out on a whim, and I said yes, also on a whim! On the surface, we had very little in common – as Charlie’s dad so eloquently put it in his speech at our rehearsal dinner, “She was sort of a hippie, and we were all wondering…how’s this gonna work?” As they say, opposites attract! We found common ground in that we share the same core beliefs in the importance of strong relationships with family and friends, as well as a “work hard, play hard” mentality. In 2011, we purchased a home together, but due to the craziness of life, we were not able to get married just yet. This wedding was something we had both been dreaming of for many years!
Wedding details: We knew from day 1 that we wanted to blend a bit of traditional wedding elements with a lot of personal details that make us who we are as a couple. The obvious example of this is that we had a rainbow-themed wedding. I have loved all things rainbow since I was a kid, so this was a no-brainer for me. Charlie and our bridal party ended up getting really into the theme as well! Once we had our color scheme, it was time to start crafting! I am a craft-a-holic, and I knew that I wanted to make many of the decorations myself. It all started with the bridesmaid bouquets, which I made out of crepe paper. Things quickly escalated and the next thing I knew, I was making every decoration myself, from the aisle decorations in the ceremony, to the centerpieces, cake topper, all of our signs, our programs, my bridesmaids’ jewelry and groomsmen’s cufflinks…everything! Even though there were many times where I wanted to give up and “just hire someone!” I am ultimately happy that I did everything myself, with help from family and friends (especially my mom). It’s something we all can look back on and be proud of!
Wedding details: We got engaged while on vacation in the Outer Banks, surrounded by many good friends. That same day, one of Charlie’s best friends asked if he could be our officiant – of course we said yes! We met with him in advance to discuss the logistics of the ceremony, but left the details up to him. I was really curious to know how things would work out, but was so busy with other aspects of the event that I was glad to have one less thing to worry about. Boy, did he WOW us and all our guests! Our ceremony was the perfect blend of funny, personal, creative, and touching. Many weeks later, we are still getting compliments about how wonderful he was!
Special memories: A hilarious, unexpected moment was when a table of my cousins started cheering and waving their napkins in the air during dinner. Within a few seconds, every other table started waving their napkins in the air, and the next thing we knew, the entire room was filled with rainbow napkins, loud cheers, and laughter. It was amazing to see everyone we know partake in this impromptu rowdiness!
Favorite memories: One of our favorite memories was the best man speech. Charlie’s 2 best men (and many of his groomsmen) have been friends with him since grade school and high school, so they know a side of Charlie that my family and I have only heard stories about. The speech began like any other speech, but quickly made a crazy turn as they introduced guests to the “many phases of Charlie.” All the groomsmen were dressed up as different “Charlies,” representing different sports he played in high school, his job as a bartender, and hobbies such as riding motorcycles and shooting potato guns. Everyone was in hysterics as the groomsmen came out dressed in Charlie’s actual old clothes, some of which they had to sneak into our house to steal! Best of all, Charlie had NO IDEA this was going to happen, and he was totally blown away. At the end of the speech, they did a spoof of the viral video “the Harlem Shake” involving ridiculous dancing, and called everyone out to the dance floor – the party had officially begun!


Photography: Bradley Images / Venue: 1840s Ballroom / Catering: 1840s Ballroom / Cake: Zeffert & Gold / Florals:  Handmade by Laura Flack

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Their Story – Margaret and Gian met in Philadelphia.  Margaret went to Penn and Gian went to Drexel, but even though we were only about a block away and probably crossed paths many times, we ended up meeting online.  They met up for the first time in Rittenhouse Square and the rest is history!  Since then they’ve shared their love of traveling, cooking, watching documentaries, and taking long walks around the city.  About a year and a half ago they moved to Baltimore with cat Swayze to start new jobs and be closer to Margaret’s family.

Favorite Memories – “Watching Margaret come down the aisle” (Gian).  “Looking down from the altar and seeing all of our family and friends surrounding us” (Margaret).  “The first dance” (Margaret).

Details that Made the Wedding Personnel – ‘We made homemade lemoncello for favors.  It took about 4 months of preparation and lots of help peeling lemons from friends, but we loved giving out something that we made and that represents Gian’s family tradition.  The flower arrangements by Christine Higgins were also very special.  We spent a long time gathering small vases, dying doilies, and gathering flowers from friends’ gardens.  They turned out perfect!”


Photography: Bradley Images / Venue: Gramercy Mansion / Catering: The Classic Catering People /

Bouquets: Crimson and Clover Florist / Cake – Sugarbakers