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Sara & Nick’s Story:

We actually met on our high school senior trip to Disneyland.  I went to the all girls local high school and Nick went to the all boys.  We happened to sit across the aisle from each other on the bus and just started talking and hit it off.  We started dating right after that and had a long distance relationship for the next 4 years.  We got engaged while I was in grad school in California, and we moved out here for a job opportunity.  We fell in love with the area and wanted to share our new state with our family on the West Coast so we chose an early Fall wedding at Antrim to show the beauty of the area.”

Favorite Wedding Memories:

We are both originally from California and just moved to Maryland 2.5 years ago, so it was important for us to show our history to our new friends and share our new state with our family and friends from the West Coast.  We had artichokes in our centerpieces which the area we both grew up in is known for growing and of course we had to serve crab cakes during the cocktail hour.  In addition, I wore my mother’s veil and carried a photo of my grandparents in my bouquet.  We had a memory table to ensure that our entire family was represented.  Also, the photos with the rings on a bible is the bible my mother carried down the aisle when my parents were married.  We tried to incorporate little personal touches to represent and thank our families who helped us so much get to this day.”

Venue & Catering: Antrim 1844 / Cake: Karen Rodkey / Florist: To The 9’s / Hair: Jewel HD

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Jill & Steve’s Proposal Story:

(From Steve’s Point of View)

“If you asked me on August 11th, 2014 if I had a plan to propose that was without flaw, and left zero room for unexpected surprises, I would have confirmed that I did. One important thing for me was to ask her parents for permission, so that was priority one the weeks leading up to the proposal. There was one problem though; her parents are shockingly difficult to get in the same place at the same time without Jill around. One week they were in St. Kitts, the next week they were down in Virginia. I was beginning to stress. For those of you that have not purchased an engagement ring, your anxiety exponentially increases by the minute until you muster up the courage to ask.

On August 12th they returned from Virginia and I took the opportunity to visit them at the farm on my lunch hour. Jill would be at work and I would have their undivided attention. Did I mention there was torrential downpour all day and flash floods throughout all of Maryland? That will important to know for the rest of the story. Anyway, they gave me their blessing. I did ask a favor from them. I needed Mr. Boyer to block the back driveway tomorrow morning. It was very important I had the front driveway all to myself. I decided I could not wait any longer and was going to propose the following day.

Since I live so far away from Jill, and it had rained so much on the 12th, I knew I needed to get up very early to ensure I was able to catch Jill before she left for work. Jill had training that day, which actually bought me some time. Her mother told me that Jill would not be waking up until 6:45, and not leaving for work until 7:25. My plan was to get their around 6:50 and quietly coast down the driveway to the “proposal zone.” Since it is normally a 45 minute drive I decided to give myself an hour and a half in case there were still road closures.

I woke up at 4:45 am on August 13th and quickly put on my best suit. I was in my truck at 5:10 ready to go….and at 5:50 I was at her house, unexpected surprise number one. I thought to myself, “no big deal,” this will give me time to think through any final details. I went to 7-11 and got another coffee and some chewing gum. I figured if Jill says yes, and decides to kiss me afterword, it would be better if my breath did not smell like the 6 cups of coffee I had nervously pounded. At 6:15 I slowly pulled into her driveway and found myself in the perfect position. The sun would soon be coming up over their pond and there was not a cloud in the sky.

At this point I was quite proud of myself for having everything well planned. It was a little warm being in my suit and since I did not want to keep my truck running on account of the noise, I put the windows down. No more than 10 minutes later I was being assaulted by the largest mosquitoes I have ever seen in my life…unexpected surprise number two. I had no choice but to put the windows up and deal with the heat. It was not long before the windows started to fog up and I was wiping them down with my gym towel. I was also using the same towel to wipe down my sweaty face.

As game time quickly approached I needed to make final preparations. Since the ground was soaked still, I needed to lie something down on the ground to prevent from getting mud on my suit pants. I had a mossy oak sweatshirt in my truck which I thought would be perfect…she would never see it. I found the spot and retreated to my truck for the final 30 minute wait. It went by faster than I imagined it would and before I knew I could see Jill’s car pulling out of driveway and she was only 100 feet away! I hopped out of my truck grabbed the flowers I purchased the day before and did one last check to make sure the ring was in my pocket. It was. What could go wrong now?

Jill pulled her car right in front of me. I assumed she would get immediately get out of the car, she didn’t. She sat there looking at me with a confused look on her face…unexpected surprise number 3. I had to ask her to get out of the car which she finally did. As she approached, her eyes immediately went to the sweatshirt (thanks mossy oak) and she went to pick it up…unexpected surprise number 4. Once I yelled to her to leave it on the ground she proceeded to step over and right next to me rendering it impossible to put my knee on the sweatshirt….unexpected surprise number 5. Once I asked her to step on the other side of the sweatshirt everything was in order… or so I thought. I started speaking what I can only hope was coherent since everything went blurry. As I started to see her beautiful eyes water up I knew it was time to ask the big question. The moment was perfect, or so I thought. As I went to bend down I encountered unexpected surprise number 6…my pants were seconds away from splitting. I opted to stand back up and go carefully down on the other knee. Jill gets me and knows I have a tendency split pants so it did not take too much away from the romance. Thankfully that was the last surprise and she said yes. It was the happiest moment of my life.”

Photography: Bradley Images / Venue & Catering: Tabrizi’s / Florals: Florals by Connie / Dress: Betsy Robinson / Cake: Patisserie Poupon / Hair & Make Up: Got Blush


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Athena & Paul’s Story:

“March 20, 2014 was our one-year anniversary since we had started dating and we planned a romantic dinner at the same restaurant we had our first date, The Food Market in Hampden. Those that have been to our house know that I have an amazing walk in closet where I spend lots of time getting ready. As usual, I was running late trying to get myself together while PJ was in our bedroom preparing for the evening. As we were approaching the time I was ‘supposed’ to be ready he began texting me from the other room requesting my assistance. Since I was running late I figured he could wait and I would get in there eventually to help him. Little did I know he had been prepping our room, lighting candles, laying rose petals all over, and sweating nervously as he awaited my presence. As I walked into the room to what I thought was a normal evening he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was without a doubt in shock and speechless, putting him through an intense 20 seconds of saying, ‘are you serious?’ I finally got the words out ‘Of course, of course I will!!!!’ and we spent the rest of our evening sharing the news with family and friends.”


Favorite Wedding Memories:

“Paul’s was probably surprising me with the Prince jacket (I told him not to) and dancing with me to Purple Rain, and mine was singing Carrie Underwoods song ‘Mama’s Song’ to my mom. Of course both of us had a great time dancing the night away with family and friends.”


Photography: Bradley Images / Venue & Catering: The Mountain Branch Golf & Country Club / Rings: J Brown / Cake: Yia-Yia’s Bakery / Dress: Betsy Robinson / Tux: Tuxedo House / Hair: Invitation to Beauty /  DJ: Friendly Entertainment


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Courtney & David’s story:

“David and I met when I was just 15 years old. We were both working at the same restaurant and I fell in love with his wit and charm. We had so many things in common and always had an interesting conversation to have.

Dave proposed to me on December 31, 2014, after being together for 5 years. His original plan was to take me to Vegas for my 21st birthday (that January) and do it there. But he was so excited to do it that he couldn’t wait any longer. After surprising me with getting off work early on new years eve (he is a police officer and works almost all holidays), he spent a tad bit too long on his outfit for dinner that night. After asking me a million times if he looked okay, I hurried to rush him out the door. That’s when he stopped me and asked me if I wanted to do a puzzle. (that is something we liked to do together). I thought the request was weird but I obliged. As I sat down to start the puzzle, he was hovering awkwardly over me.  It wasn’t until I dumped out the new puzzle pieces that I found the ring, and understood his crazy behavior. I was stunned. He knew me so well that I would prefer a private engagement. I am not fond of being center of attention and I appreciated having those special moments right after to just enjoy him and the big news! Afterward we met my family for dinner and delivered the news!”


 Favorite wedding memories:

“My favorite memory from the wedding was my first look with both my father and my soon to be husband. I wanted the two most important men in my life to see me first! Both of them cried like babies and it was a special time to talk before the craziness of the day started. The pictures from the first looks turned out AMAZING and I am so happy I decided to do that. 

My second favorite memory from the big day was our vows. David and I took the time to write out our own personal vows, separately, so that we were surprised on the big day. We heard from our guests that they were the best vows they’ve ever heard. Everyone was laughing! 

It was also very important to us to have our entire families involved in the wedding.  My brother and sister, his brother and sister, cousins, aunts, nieces and nephews were all somehow involved. We even had his cousin, Haley, get ordained so she could marry us. It was very personal and something we will remember forever.

To my Surprise, my mom incorporated an old childhood stuffed animal into my bouquet as my ‘something old’. It was very emotional and a wonderful surprise!”


Photography: Bradley Images / Venue & catering: Antrim 1844 / Rings: Charleston Alexander / Dress: Betsy Robinson / Tux: Mens Warehouse / Cake: Sugar Bakers / Hair: Lindsey Crozier from Studio 7 Hair design


0001_TMF_6592 0013_TMF_6604 0026_TMF_6742 0191_TMF_6712 0299_TMF_6872 0349_TMF_6927 0445_TMF_6481 0539_TMF_6992 0566_TMF_6990 0615_TMF_7073 0652_TMF_7109 0810_TMF_7345 0828_TMF_7281 0833_TMF_7285 0861_TMF_7313 1040_TMF_7471 1068_TMF_7539 1074_TMF_7545 0930_TMF_7434Our story & how we met: “We met in 2011 in Charlottesville, Virginia while both attending the University of Virginia – I was in nursing school and Myung was in medical school and we met at a nursing-medical school mixer. Our relationship continued over the next 3 years while I was living and working in Baltimore and moved back to Charlottesville after we got engaged.”

Favorite wedding memories: “I really loved eating dinner together and going around talking to everyone. It was fun to see all of our friends and families mingling together and to catch up with everyone. We are also so grateful to have had all of our parents present, and both of my grandmothers present. We DIY’ed most everything. I was determined to have calligraphy throughout our wedding but our budget didn’t allow for it, so I started learning it about a year out from our wedding date and was able to calligraphy many of our wedding details including our save the dates, invitations, envelopes, and escort cards. Myung handmade the origami paper cranes we used with our escort cards and did all of the computer work needed for our save the dates, invitations, programs etc. We worked together on most of our DIY projects which made them all even more personal and special to us!”

- Jessica

Photography: Bradley Images / Venue: The River Farm, American Horticultural Society Headquarters / Catering: Main Event Catering / Flowers: Dogwood Events  / Event Planning: Dogwood Events / Harpist: Diana Gibbs / Band: The Davis Event Group / Dress Designer: Alfred Sung / Tux: Men’s Wearhouse / Bridal Shoe Designer: Badgley Mischka / Hair: Hair by Danielle / Calligraphy: Hand done by Bride / Paper Crane Escort Cards: Hand made by Groom